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1121A Audio Analyzer

The 1121A audio analyzer provides fast, accurate measurements including frequency, AC or DC level, distortion, SINAD and signal-to-noise ratio. It also includes an audio source providing accurate low distortion signals over wide frequencies and level ranges.

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Boonton 4240 RF Power Meter

4240 RF Power Meter

The 4240 series of CW RF power meters provides the high speed measurement capability needed in a production environment, as well as the simplicity of operation required for bench top use.

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Boonton 4530 Peak Power Meter

4530 Peak Power Meter

The 4530 series RF Peak Power Meter can make Peak, CW Power and RF Voltage measurements at high speed from 10 Hz to 40 GHz.

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Boonton 4540 Peak Power Meter

4540 Peak Power Meter

The Boonton model 4540 Series RF Power Meter is the instrument of choice for capturing, displaying and analyzing RF power in both the time and statistical domains. Applications include pulsed RF signals such as radar, TDMA and GSM, pseudorandom or noise-like signals such as CDMA, WLAN and WiMAX.

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8201A Modulation Analyzer

The 8201A provides precision modulation and audio analysis in a single, easy-to-operate package. Measures AM, FM, PM, carrier and audio frequencies, SINAD, distortion and carrier level.

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