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A leader in the RF Power Measurement market for over 60 years, Boonton extends its leadership position with the 55 Series USB Peak Power Sensors. Designed for measuring and characterizing complex highly dynamic signals including pulsed OFDM modulated signals, the 55 Series is ideal for R&D, compliance, manufacturing and field testing of WiFi 802.11ac as well as legacy 802.11 a/b/g/n and LTE signals.

* “Video bandwidth tested by measuring peak-to-average on a two-tone separation signal at +10dBm, frequency set at 1 GHz. Test limit set at 2 dB roll off from the nominal 3dB peak-to-average flatness graph” 

Measuring Peak & Average Power on Every Frame
  • Crest Factor
  • Risetime: 3ns risetime
  • Video bandwidth: 195 MHz *see note below

The model 55006 USB Peak power sensor measures the latest wideband spread spectrum communication standard signals such as 160 MHz wide

With Real Time Power Processing™, available only in 55 Series, the USB peak power meter is perfect for compliance testing & measurements. Peak, average, and minimum power measurements can be captured and analyzed for every frame of the WiFi signal up to 2000 frames.

Measuring Preamble & Training Sequences

Combination of ultra wide video bandwidth and Real Time Power Processing™ with 100,000 measurements per second makes 55006 the only peak power meter capable of handling 802.11ac WiFi signals.

Gap trigger holdoff feature enables triggering of variable pulse width signals, allowing a stable and accurate capture of each WiFi frame.

Gated marker measurements allow the user to make power and statistical measurements for a defined portion of the waveform such as preamble, training sequence and data.

Measuring WiFi Signal Compression

CCDF feature allows statistical analysis of ultra wideband signals like WiFi and LTE waveforms as well as measurement and detection of signal compression of the communication amplifier due to overdriving (dual sensor needed).

Gated marker measurement feature enables the CCDF characterization to be performed for a specific portion of the waveform defined by two markers.

WiFi Test Set-Up

The 55 Series enables the use of the same measurement tool at all stages of the product development cycle from the engineering bench to the manufacturing floor and field service and eliminates measurement discrepancies between the R&D, manufacturing and field service teams.

Product flexibility allows testing and characterizing WiFi chipsets, amplifiers, transceivers and systems offering a complete solution from the component level to the system level testing.

100,000 measurements per second means the USB Peak Power sensor is no longer the slowest part of the test system and unleashes the power of your test set up for faster testing, resulting in increased production throughput!

USB Peak Power Sensors can also be used in a test set-up configured as a broadband scalar analyzer to test parameters such as gain and return loss using actual WiFi or other broadband signals instead of swept CW tone as typically done in traditional network analyzers. (See application note)

For more information read our Boonton 55 Series demo write-up, or visit

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