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Amplifier Test Part 1 - Replacing Your Crystal/Diode Detector
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Amplifier Test Part 1 - Replacing Your Crystal/Diode Detector

Broadcasted on 12/13/2010


Presented by:
Bob Muro, Wireless Telecom Group

Before modern peak power meters were available, a system that included a crystal/diode detector, oscilloscope, average power meter, pulse generator and assorted couplers was assembled to capture pulse waveforms from high power amplifiers used for RADAR signals. These fast rise time signals require calibrated wide video BW peak power sensors to capture fast transient events. The original system can be replaced by a two channel peak power meter that simultaneously measures forward and reflected antenna power. This webinar describes how our family of peak power meter/sensor systems can replace the single-ended detector system used for measuring the forward and reflected power of a Radar antenna system.

  • Large Dynamic range to view input & output
  • Calibrated power sensor for accurate measurements
  • Peak power meter simplifies equipment list


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